Patient Rewards

“Refer a Friend” Rewards

refer friend

At Dr. Burkey’s office, we are grateful for your confidence in us and want to say a big thank-you for referring others to our office. In appreciation, we have a fun Refer a Friend Program.

Here is how the program works:

  1. Pick up referral cards from our office to give to your friends.

  2. On the back of the Refer a Friend card there is a place for your name and a place for your friend’s name. Fill in your friend’s name on the top line and your name on the next.

  3. Pass them out to your friends who are not a part of our practice.

  4. When your friend comes to our office for a complimentary initial examination, we will reward you with 30 wooden nickels, which can be redeemed for fun prizes or a gift certificate from our display case. The new family you refer should present your referral card when they come to our office.

  5. Once your friend begins orthodontic treatment, we will further reward you with a $25 gift certificate to a local restaurant!

Please note that the new patient can only bring in one Refer a Friend card. If the new patient has been given referral cards from others, he or she should only bring in the first card received.

Wooden Nickel Reward System

wooden-rewardIt is our goal to motivate our patients to high levels of cooperation during their orthodontic treatment! Patients in active treatment are able to earn up to four wooden nickels at each regularly scheduled appointment after braces have been placed and until they are removed. One nickel will be rewarded for excellent cooperation in each of the following areas:

  1. Arriving on time for your appointment and not having failed or cancelled the previous appointment

  2. Not having any loose or broken brackets, bands, or wires

  3. Excellent oral hygiene

  4. Excellent cooperation with elastics

Patients will be able to cash in wooden nickels at any time during treatment for a variety of fun prizes for all ages! See our display case near the front desk for great prizes and gift certificates we are currently offering. At each regularly scheduled visit, more nickels can be earned (emergency visits do not qualify for earning nickels). Prizes can be received by turning in your wooden nickels to our receptionist.

As an extra bonus, 10 nickels will be earned when you visit your dentist for a dental cleaning while the braces are on. Ask your dentist to sign the dental cleaning form in order to qualify. We want to make sure that everyone’s teeth and gums are healthy during orthodontic treatment. These forms are included in the new patient packet or can be downloaded and printed under the Patient Forms section on our website.

woodennickel-prizesIn addition, by referring a new patient to our office, 30 wooden nickels will be rewarded! We hope you will enjoy the program, and we invite your comments and suggestions. Prizes will change periodically to provide variety. See below for a photo of the types of prizes you can win!